Raptor Photography Workshops


Our next workshop is on Sunday 11th September 2016 at their site at Bosworth Visitor Centre, CV13 0AD

The fee is £95 per attendee, which even includes virtually as much tea/coffee as you can drink throughout the day and a bacon sandwich or such on arrival.  £50 pp deposit is required upon booking.


The following information gives an idea of how these events normally run, however our schedule on the day is very flexible to accommodate the  best potential returns for our attendees. 

  • We generally do an initial tuition briefing and answering any questions for around 40 min (dependent upon attendee requirements - we shall ensure that no-one is 'left behind') from 10am before beginning any actual photography.

During this time we shall cover the areas of Aesthetics and Technical skills for static shots, referring to our own 'how to' guide (attendees receive this in advance of the day) and answering questions as they present themselves.

  • We shall then work with 1-3 birds over a couple of hours, taking adequate time with each one to gain good proficiency and images actually worthy of taking and keeping -  this is not a tick-box race to see how many species we can cover badly.

We work with our expert falconers to ensure that the environment is used to the optimum, your photography will be accompanied with hands-on tuition and advice throughout as required. 


We shall break for lunch at no pre-determined time, it will be based on our progress throughout the morning, as well as taking into account lighting conditions, rainfall etc.   Should anyone have questions that they wish to discuss in 'private' then i shall be available throughout.


  • Our afternoon session generally begins with a review of our morning tuition and resulting images  (no-one will be forced to share images if they do not wish to participate) 

Previous feedback has suggested that this is particularly worthwhile as it allows us to ensure an understanding of, and if appropriate, fine-tune the morning's learning.


  • We shall then discuss the ways in which we might modify settings to account for our afternoon photography which will involve more statics but also some trickier flight work.

The afternoon's photography will generally involve different bird species and will finish no earlier than 4pm


Sparrowhawk image

Please note that we cannot guarantee photography access of any specific bird on the day - that decision will be made between myself and our expert falconers who will consider the bird's health and condition etc above all else




Please see example gallery and previous feedback for Raptors workshops.


Previous Raptor photography days were fully attended and well received - please see our client feedback area as well as client images and critique.  


Please do advise of your interest to receive details of future dates,  if you are looking to bring multiple attendees then we will, wherever practical accommodate your date preference.