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Being born in 1968 meant that the 80's was 'my time' and as such during our teenage years my peers adorned their bedroom walls with posters of Madonna and Samantha Fox.

The fact that my own proudly displayed The Esso Tiger, i guess, was the first indication of the beginning of a lifelong fascination with most wildlife but especially the Big Cats.

My own photography began with an 18th birthday gift in the form of a Canon 35mm compact to replace a 110! and has been an avid interest ever since.

The relatively recent advent and seemingly ever-progressive march of digital photography has brought wildlife photography within practical reach of more people. I do however believe that digital is both a blessing and a curse as it seems to have produced an awful lot of folk willing to 'not worry about it in camera' as there is always photoshop.

My own photography now encompasses many varied aspects from fashion to landscapes, pets to babies, but wildlife and nature photography is still a very key area, and I am now in a position to share the knowledge i have gained through offering photography tuition via small specialist wildlife photography tuition / workshops.

The photography workshops drop-down will offer access to information on our wildlife and modelling tuition days whilst there are also a few simple tips that you can easily integrate into your own image making.

Whilst you are not likely to find any offensive or overly gratuitous images on here, please do be aware that our modelling workshops do feature lingerie / glamour.